Terms and Conditions

1. All products are of uniform quality and are within a 3% discrepancy range on colour and depth due to variations of limestone and oxide batches (from manufacturers), as well as moisture content and drying time based on ventilation and weather conditions.

2. There is an allowance of up to 3% for chips and breakages that can occur during transportation that Aesthetic Stone does not take responsibility for.

3. 40mm pavers are used for walking traffic only, (no vehicles). 60mm pavers are used for crossovers, driveways and verges with heavy weight vehicles.

4. All cling wrap should be left intact until installation begins.

5. We recommend all products be installed by a professional contractor.

6. There is to be NO compacting on top of 40mm pavers whatsoever. All compacting must be done underneath 40mm pavers.

7. All products should be installed on at least one dry day (no rain).

8. Once ALL moisture content has evaporated all products should be externally sealed.

9. Aesthetic Stone does not take responsibility should any products start to weather, regardless of been sealed (this includes discolouration due to trapped moisture or oxidisation, efflorescence due to excess salt deposits, iron content surfacing and mould formation).