About Aesthetic Stone

Quality, service and reliability are never in short supply at Aesthetic Stone. We are an independently owned family business which allows us to personally attend to all your paving requirements and help you with all your landscaping needs. Aesthetic Stone Manufactures some of the best quality reconstituted Limestone products in Western Australia.

Aesthetic Stone uses the highest grade of materials and the best methods to deliver the most consistent pavers possible. Aesthetic Stone use quality crushed limestone, the finest cement, the richest oxides and the most expensive additives (chemicals) known to the industry. All of our mixes are 4-1 and we use a water reducing agent and an integral water proofing agent to provide exceptional quality. The water reducer is for incredible strength. The integral water proofer is to help control efflorescence.

All products are hand-made to ensure uniform quality and are packed very well for transportation. Aesthetic Stone are mainly a wholesale direct supplier to the building and landscaping industry but we also sell direct to the public. Our pavers are perfect for driveways, patios, pools and alfrescos. We also offer: Single Bullnose Capping, Border Inserts, Corner Pieces and Stepping Stones.

What makes Aesthetic Stone a cut above the rest

  • Our friendly, reliable and personal service is second to none

  • Everything is handmade and inspected for excellent quality control

  • The use of 2 chemical additives, a water reducer and an integral water proofer

  • The use of a water based release agent for a matte finish product (natural look)

  • Strong limestone products have a compressed strength above 20 MPA (certified)

  • Delivery Available

  • Aesthetic Stone can organise independent contractors with High Quality Workmanship

Why limestone pavers are superior

  • Limestone Pavers are modern, stylish and have an aesthetic look

  • Limestone Pavers have an incredible ability to remain cooler on even the hottest day

  • Limestone Pavers are affordable and cost effective compared to other alternatives

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What our customers say

When I first started looking at pavers I was impressed with Aesthetic Stone’s direct and courteous manner he gave me a great price and then to top it off he held on to the order until the right person was found to lay the pavers. Staff are gentlemen of the old school and I thank them for their he…

Myrl Grady
26.5 MPA Strength Rating